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Very nice crochet knitting patterns / Tığişi Örgüler

  Unique crochet braids. All of them are beautiful, all hand knitted with incredible pleasure, If you want to watch and knit the model, each of which has a different story,click  Here   An easy crochet knitting model that you can knit by enlarging the round as much as you want. I used gray color, it suits me very well. Incredibly easy It is possible to watch all the models here being made on the youtube hobilaryum channel. I really adore this model with a butterfly pattern. I made a wonderful drape by sewing it to the edge of the fabric. In this two-color work, I used the same crochet pattern. Two different beauties came out in the same pattern I knitted with the same numbers. I gifted this knitting to my friend. He is currently using it on the kitchen table, very fondly. I crocheted this model years ago. I used very fine thread. She is very elegant, very polite, she has a memory, I can't give it to anyone. AAA yes, this model is my favourite. I was able to make a small piece, it&#